Poslovni Email

Email za napredne uporabnike

  • 30GB / Predal
  • Že za 2.84 € /mes
  • Deli kontakte, opravila, koledarje in datoteke
  • Dostopaj do pošte preko telefona ali tablice

Pridobite napredne email storitve za vaše podjetje

  • US Gostovanje




What's amazing about Enterprise Email

More than Enough Mailbox Space

With 30GB of Email storage, you will never run out of space. Powered by our state-of-the-art webmail platform, it is all backed-up in our high-end mail storage infrastructure.

Get Additional Storage @ € /5GB

No more worrying about running out of storage space. You can now increase storage for individual accounts by buying additional storage blocks of 5 GB.

Stay Organised

Quick sharing of Calendars and Contacts only means one thing - you get more done. Easier, better & faster!

Smart Widgets

View customized news feeds, stay updated on the weather and keep your emails secured with last login IP details.

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